Awakening Mindful Open-Hearted Renewal Productions


Be Happy. Love Unconditionally. Live OpenHeartedly. 

Now. It's Time.

About Us

We develop programs, products, and services dedicated to the Awakening in all of us of a continuous Renewal of our Spirit and our Hearts. We encourage everyone we cross paths with to engage a Mindful and Open-Hearted SELF as we all move, step by step, through the growth path our souls are here to experience. "There is a LIGHT at the top of the entrance of the PathWay to our Soul. It's there. Guiding each one of our steps. It's there Shining Bright, even in the midst of darkness." ~Selma Patricia


We offer Workshops, TeleSeminars, Trainings, and One-On-One Mentoring on the topics of LOVE, MINDFULNESS, and OPEN-HEARTEDNESS. We also offer a Yearly Youth Virtual Academy, inspiring a Youth with Minds of Steel & Hearts of Gold. The Dream Believe Inspire Academy is open to Kids (6-12), Teens (13-17), and Young Adults (18+). 

"Meu Amor (My Love), may you find the path leading you right into the marvelous depth of your own heart and embrace unconditional love for your beautiful SELF. Only then will you be able to recognize AMOR for what it is, and finally *see* and *love* me for who I truly am, my authentic SELF. Then our beings - in our individual wholeness - can hold hands and finally manifest the most beautiful, mindful, magnificent, free, pure light-consciousness communion."  ~Selma Patricia